Photograph of boats at low tide at Lytham


(I pronounce it as "livv-slee")

I joined the University of Southampton in 2021. Before that I worked in academic libraries at the University of Oxford & Oxford Brookes University for several years.

I did my undergraduate studies in philosophy at Jesus College, University of Cambridge, then moved to the University of Sheffield for their MA in Political Theory. My master's dissertation defended a "preferences" reading of self-regarding actions in the political work of J. S. Mill — that is, that a self-regarding action may affect others but only via preferences they hold. I'd like to come back to this but disability seems more pressing at the moment.

I am disabled. I think there should be more disabled people in philosophy (and in every field). I’m a member of the Society for Philosophy and Disability, as well as the International Social Ontology Society, and the British Postgraduate Philosophy Association.

I'm originally from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. I like to walk, drink real ale, play various games, watch cricket, listen to noisy music, and (some) combinations thereof.